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Copyright service
Copyright service
  • Copyright registration
    Copyright, also known as copyright, registers copyrights for the following works on a voluntary basis: software copyright; literary works; oral works; music, drama, folk art, dance, acrobatic art works; art, architectural works; photographic works; Works similar to those produced by filmmaking; engineering drawings, product design drawings, maps, schematics, and other graphic works and model works; other works stipulated by laws and administrative regulations. In addition, it also accepts other registrations related to copyright; registration of authorized works of all kinds of works (except computer software); registration of audio and video products; other registrations related to copyrights, registration by the Center, etc.

    ON.1 Service Introduction

    Copyright registration meaning

    China implements a voluntary registration system for copyrights. Enterprises can apply for registration to copyright offices in various places, such as written works, art photography works, engineering and product design drawings and descriptions, and obtain registration certificates issued by the Copyright Bureau as valid documents for copyright. Copyright registration has many meanings.

    1. It helps the copyright owner to identify and clarify the ownership of rights. The process of creating a work is complicated, such as commissioning creations, corporate works, job titles, etc., which requires a legal confirmation process to reduce related rights disputes.

    2. When the copyright owner is infringed and needs to claim his or her rights, the registered matter can be used as a preliminary proof of the right. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff often needs to produce the manuscript, the original, the proof of the creative act, the contract for the transfer or permission to use as the evidence of ownership. It is relatively difficult to produce relevant originals or contracts for some unpublished or unfamiliar works, and the copyright registration content, such as the copyright certificate, can play a similar role. In the current judicial practice, the copyright certificate has been used as evidence.

    3. Copyright registration can also protect the relevant economic interests of right holders. As the awareness of copyright protection increases, users need to provide corresponding proof when they obtain authorization to reduce economic risks. In the field of traditional use of works, people have a basic judgment on the identification of works. However, in the network, it is often difficult to determine the situation of the right holder. If the copyright registration certificate is obtained, the problem is easily solved.

    ON.2 process

    Submit the work - copyright power of attorney - submit (copy of business license, copy of ID card) - payment - acceptance - review - certificate (90 working days).

    ON.3 required materials

    1. Application form.

    2. Applicant identification (the individual applicant provides a copy of the ID card, a copy of the business license provided by the unit applicant, and a copy of the ID card provided by the creator).

    3. Provide a sample of works (text works provide creative drafts; art, photography works provide lOcm × 12cm photos 2; engineering product design drawings provide three views, renderings or physical photos; film and television works provide VCD, etc.).

    4. Creative description of the work.

    5. According to the actual situation, choose to submit the cooperative work with the co-author's power of attorney, the entrusted work with the entrustment contract or the exclusive license use contract.

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