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Litigation rights
Litigation rights
  • Copyright infring
    Copyright infringement is mainly the infringement of the copyright owner’s property rights. For example, without the consent of the copyright owner, the copyright owner’s work or the dissemination of the work is used in the form of distribution, reproduction, rental, exhibition, broadcasting, performance, etc., or the work is not paid for the copyright fee. Wait. Copyright (ie copyright) infringement is a general civil case, and legal and judicial interpretations of civil evidence are also applicable to copyright infringement investigation and evidence collection. However, there is a certain degree of particularity. For this reason, it is recommended that you entrust a professional copyright attorney to operate.

    ON.1 Service Introduction

    In general, the evidence for copyright infringement investigation is mainly divided into three categories: evidence confirming the attribution of rights, evidence of the existence of infringement facts, evidence of infringement losses:

    1) Scope of investigation of copyright infringing works or products

    ◆ The production location, process, output and warehouse of the product, the copying, publishing, copying and publishing of the work.

    ◆ Sales process and sales channels for products and works.

    ◆ Sales information of products and works.

    ◆ The relevant situation of the main infringer.

    2) Measures against copyright infringement

    ◆ On the basis of copyright infringement investigation and evidence collection, according to different cases, through administrative, criminal and civil channels, organize activities including the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Copyright Bureau, the public security and the media. Or after the investigation has sufficient evidence, file a lawsuit or mediation with the People's Court or the Copyright Bureau;

    ◆ Follow-up monitoring after the strike to prevent the recurrence of illegal activities and the necessary legal procedures after the completion of the strike

    ON.2 process

    Filing → evidence preservation, document delivery to defendant → property preservation → defendant's reply on the 15th (30th) → evidence exchange → trial hearing → making a judgment

    ON.3 required materials

    (1) The power of attorney of the copyright owner's entrusted agent; if the copyright owner is a citizen of a foreign country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the power of attorney must be notarized at the China Notary Office or notarized in the country/region where it belongs, and then in China. Certify.

    (2) Civil suits;

    (3) If the copyright owner feels it necessary to carry out the pre-litigation evidence preservation of the infringer's infringement evidence, an application for evidence preservation must be submitted;

    (4) If the copyright owner feels it necessary to protect the property of the infringer (such as the registered trademark of the infringer), he/she must submit an application for property preservation and pay the corresponding security deposit;

    (5) Proof of rights of copyright,

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